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About Me


I have been putting my heart and soul into personal and spiritual growth for the last 16 years, attending retreats, trainings and workshops all over the world, working with many different teachers. 

This soul calling to create positive change and expansion in my life was so strong I gave up full time employment and sold my house to follow this path.

It has been an amazing and diverse journey of healing, growth and learning and very much continues with my teacher Thomas Hubl, to whom I am infinitely grateful. 

More recently, Polyvagal Theory crossed my path. This understanding of our autonomic nervous system was like finding a master key that brought so many things together for me. I find this perspective personally so helpful and so empowering that I am inspired to share it with as many people as possible! 

It is my absolute joy and passion to offer polyvagal inspired coaching, also drawing on a wealth of resources to meet unique individual needs to empower and support people to create positive change in their lives. 

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