Andie Dutton


who i am + why i'm here


Hi there!

I'm Andie Dutton. I live in Iowa City, Iowa finishing up senior year at the University of Iowa. 

During my senior year I started to think more critically about the life I've been living and the life I really want to live. I wanted to create a blog where I could express my creativity and learn to live a life I truly enjoy. 

When I'm not studying or working you can find me combing through thrift stores or taking pictures of my way too expensive coffee order at a local coffee shop. 

about this site

I created this website because of my love for web design and being creative. This little corner of the internet allows me to explore things in my own way. Thanks for stopping by and check out the links down below to learn more about me. was launched June 2017. It was created as a place to create, write, and design. It's become such a joy for me to work on and I hope you enjoy reading.

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