Andie Dutton
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where i went to school

The University of Iowa

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Iowa City, Iowa


B.A. in communication Studies

  • Core Concepts in Communication Studies
  • Media and Society
  • Topics in Communication Studies: Feminism and Television
  • Introduction to American Foreign Policy
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Studying Communication: Method/Critiques
  • Experiential Learning in Comm Studies
  • The Art of Persuading Others
  • Black TV Drama: The Wire
  • Media and Democracy
  • Advanced Topics in Communication Studies: Cultural Politics of Shondaland 


Minor in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies

  • Issues: Gender in Historical Perspective: From Obscenity to Normalcy: A History of Sex and Sexuality
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Media
  • Narratives of Gender and Masculinity
  • Intro to Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies
  • Women and their Bodies in Health and Illness
  • Sexuality in the United States 

Certificate in non-profit management

  • Elementary Statistics and Inference
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I
  • Nonprofit Organiz Effectiveness II
  • Organizational Leadership
  • The Social Psychology of Leadership
  • Introduction to Grant Writing