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Self Care Ideas

"Self care" is a term that has come to be apart of my daily vocabulary. Everyday I find ways to take care of myself. Finding little time to go walk outside during work, watching an hour of Netflix each night before bed, etc. are all great ways to take care of yourself. Below I came up with 5 ways to take time for yourself. 

1. DIY SPA NIGHT: Once a week (usually on Sundays!) I love to have a mini spa night. I do a face mask, paint my nails, and exfoliate my skin. This is a great way to feel refreshed and ready for the week. Lookin good = feelin good!

2. GO TO A COFFEE SHOP: I love going to my local Starbucks and spending an afternoon planning out my week and catching up on emails. I feel like I'm able to get so much more done if I take the time to go to a coffee shop and spend time focusing so I can relax later. As someone who enjoys planning and being organized, heading to a coffee shop is one of my favorite forms of self care!


3. MAKE A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Nothing puts you in a calm mood like the right song...except maybe a whole playlist of the right songs. That's why I love creating and listening to playlists on Spotify. There's pre-made playlists that you can check out like "Pop Chillout" and "Afternoon Acoustic" or you can make one of your own. 



4. MOVIE NIGHT & SNACKS: Grab a glass of wine and throw the popcorn in the microwave: it's movie time! Whether you're with a significant other, friends, or alone letting your brain relax and simply enjoy a film is always a wonderful de-stresser. If you have Netflix check out 13th (awesome documentary!) or even Moana (we're all kids at heart, right?). You can also go to your local RedBox for more up to date titles if your Netflix queue is looking stale. 

5. GO FOR A WALK: I know, kinda corny right? But I can't tell you enough how much getting outside can improve your mood. It doesn't have to be a hike or anything (unless you're feeling it, of course!) but just going for a 15 minute walk outside to get some fresh air and clear your head can prove to be so relaxing. Maybe try thing before your movie night or make a Spotify playlist you can listen to on your walk.