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Coffee Shop Hop: Minneapolis/St. Paul

hello friends. happy Monday.

This weekend there was the last home Hawkeye Football Game and although I couldn't be there in Iowa City, I still had to watch. Before the 2:30pm game, I wanted to head to a cute coffee shop in the Minneapolis area to grab a latte and shamelessly take Instagram photos (okay maybe a little bit of shame).


The first one I went to was THE URBAN BEAN

The Urban Bean is the cutest little coffee shop in Uptown. Small, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing (don't make fun of me!) this place is a must try. I definitely suggest going there with homework or work to do if you have it because it definitely had a chill vibe and most of the people around were working on stuff. But if you're like me and want to have a photoshoot instead, feel free. 


"take a photo of me looking away" 

But wait...there's more. 

Being that girl at one coffee shop wasn't enough for my weekend so on Sunday I went to... 

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar


Full disclosure: I didn't get coffee here. But seriously you guys if you go here you must get the Naughty Waffle, it's a requirement. If you're looking for a spot to get work done, I wouldn't suggest here. It's very busy and we had to wait a bit for a table (granted we went at a popular time of day). But this place is perfect to get a sugar high and chat with friends.  


BONUS: Starbucks!!!

You don't have to always be adventurous. Go where it's cozy, you could say your order in your sleep, and the wifi speed in on point. Don't forget to post a photo too ;) 

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