Dorm Room Inspo

Okay I'm not trying to brag or anything...but I'm kinda a dorm room expert. Hear me out: I'm heading into my senior year of college but this is my 3rd year living in the dorms (I'm a Resident Assistant). Here's what my room looked like last year:

First thing I do is try to evaluate what I already have. For example, I already have white bedding which makes it easy to implement a new "room theme" without having to buy new bedding. When purchcasing furniture and bedding, try to stick with neutrals that you won't get sick of. But when it comes to throw pillows and tapestries, pick whatever your heart desires. :) 


Here's some of my inspiration for the 2017-2018 school year. As you can see I am going for neutrals with lots of photos, blankets, and I'm OBSESSED with the palm leaf print.

I purchased some plants from Ikea and ordered a pink/mauve throw pillow and palm leaf tapestry for my room. Here's some pics:

Another super easy and cheap way to decorate is with photos. I printed mine at Walgreens and used a coupon. It ended up being only about $15. Here's the photos I printed (click to scroll through):

I can't wait to show you what it ends up looking like. Follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration!