Fall Morning Routine


My current morning routine...

9:00am - Wake up and get started

I'm reveling in not having class until 11am this semester by sleeping in until nine. When I get up, I immediately wash my face and put my contacts in. I feel like once my contacts are in my day has officially started (same with when I take my contacts off: day = over).

9:10am - Set the mood 

I love taking my time getting ready in the morning. I put on music, usually one of my Spotify playlists like this "upbeat sunday morning" one:

Or, I'll listen to this YouTube video, especially if I have some homework I need to get done because it helps me focus:

9:20 - What's going on in the world?

Time to check my phone. Gotta catch up on Instagram + Twitter posts from the night (follow me on Insta/Twitter: @andiedutton ...shameless plug!) I also spend this time responding to emails, checking the weather and reading the news. 

9:45 - To-do list/GYST

GYST = get your sh*t together. I check my calendar and write out my to-do list for the day. Checking my calendar helps inform how I'll dress for the day (let's me honest, it's normally leggings and a t-shirt)

10:00 - Actually get ready 

The getting ready process doesn't take too long for me. I wear my hair up most days and concealer + mascara is my go to makeup look for class. I also have lots of breaks in the day so if I do have a meeting/event that I need to look a little nicer for, I'll usually come back to my room and finish getting ready after class.

10:30 - Food, food, FOOOOOD

In the mornings, I'm not too hungry so I'll usually make a smoothie or grab a banana from the dining hall to tide me over until after my first class when I have more time to actually sit and eat in the dining hall.

10:45 - #omw to class 

I pack up my headphones, laptop, and sunglasses and begin my track across campus to my first class of the day. Enjoy an action shot of me waiting for the elevator. 





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