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The Hampton Social

Nothing says "real, fully functioning adult" quite like exploring the city and grabbing brunch. This past Sunday I headed to The Hampton Social in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Before being seated my partner and I enjoyed some drinks at the bar: I chose to go with a mimosa, classic right?

Once seated, we sat down right underneath the infamous "Rosé All Day" wall towards the back right of the establishment which meant great photo ops! We definitely weren't the only people who found this part of the restaurant picturesque; my partner and I saw at least 10 other people posing in front of the gorgeous background. Who could resist? 

What really sold me about the Hampton Social was their food. Although it was an aesthetically pleasing place, that didn't satisfy the hunger that had built up over the course of waiting for our table. I ordered the Belgian waffle with chicken on top (chicken and waffles, yum yum yum!) and my partner got the Crab Benedict. I made him share some of the delicious crab meat on his plate and he enjoyed trying chicken and waffles for the first time despite making fun of my order (don't worry, he loved it!).

Overall the Hampton Social was a great Sunday brunch choice. The windows were big and open creating a breezy beach vibe, the drinks and food were delicious, and I snagged some nice photos for the gram. 😉