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"What're you gonna do with a Women's Studies degree?"

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Ahh, the age old question. The question I dread to hear from other who only see Business, Engineering or Pre-Med as valid and worthwhile pursuits when it comes to a college degree.

I understand the sentiment, I really do. Before entering college I had no idea how studying "women" could help me snag a job. This quickly changed after taking my first "Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies" course from my college.

You see, I believed that women's studies courses taught you only about the history of women. Aka: what were women doing during the 1800's when all we were learning about in school were white men?

And that's definitely apart of it. I've enjoyed learning those things. But what's infinitely more valuable to me, as someone who is interested in societal injustice is learning about intersectional feminism and inequality. I've learned how to look at feminism from a scope that goes beyond my unique identities, beyond my own privileges and my own disadvantages, and look at society as whole. 

I've learned how to celebrate different identities and perspectives, not just tolerate it. I've learned to articulate my opinions and also understand why people feel differently. Ultimately: I've been able to learn from passionate and engaged people and become equipped with the knowledge to make a difference in the things I care about.

So that's what I'm gonna do with a Women's studies major: make a difference.