Andie Dutton
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leadership & involvement

my involvement @ u of iowa


Leadership & Involvement



President’s Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct

August 2016-Present

As co-chair of the Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct, I lead a group of 14 graduate and undergraduate students that advise the President of the University of Iowa about the impact of policies and practices related to the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct affecting students. The committee also solicits input from a broad range of students to inform the committee's advice to the president and monitors progress on university plans and commitments in the domain of sexual misconduct.


Student Advocates for Planned Parenthood

January 2017-January 2018

Student Advocates for Planned Parenthood is a brand new student group at the University of Iowa. I joined the executive board and created our Twitter account: @uiowaSAPP to spread the word about our meetings and engage students with Planned Parenthood and intersectional reproductive rights.

I was able to attend a regional organizing conference for Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma City in September of 2017 and help bring ideas back to campus to further the development of our student group. 

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Panhellenic Council

October 2016-December 2017

When I entered Greek Life I was full of excitement. I made new friends and countless memories. As time went on I began to see problems within Greek life that I didn't see before. Despite the best friends I had made, I experienced things that made me question if it was worth staying in. I was faced with a choice: allow the issues I saw to push me out of this community or step up and make things better. That's why I was on the executive board for my chapter and why I'm on Panhellenic now. Because I know Greek life has value and it's worth fighting for. 

As VP Philanthropy and Community Service I maintain record and documentation of all 15 Panhellenic sororities' events and donations. I also organize community service opportunities for all 1,000+ members of the Panhellenic sorority community. 


Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity

December 2015-Decemer 2016 

As VP of Philanthropy for Alpha Chi Omega, I planned two large scale fundraising events to raise money for the local domestic violence shelter in Iowa City. Through this role, I helped establish relationships with other chapters like collaborating with Zeta Tau Alpha during October to promote both domestic violence awareness and breast cancer awareness month. I also helped facilitate conversations in chapter about healthy relationships and friendships.

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